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About Little Balkan

Zora Levkovski - Chef & Owner

Colorful Little Balkan Flower Design Logo

We are a food company that loves to eat Balkan style and eat well! What does that mean to us? It means creating familiar, craveable snacks that remind us of the way we eat at home. It also means actively engaging with our heritage and continuously learning from our rich cultural cuisine. As a Macedonian-American who grew up between both cultures, Little Balkan’s founder Zora tries to encapsulate a little of both worlds with each product.

Each menu item has a lot of intention behind it. Our ingredients are designed to be used several different ways across our menu to avoid waste and highlight the complexity of flavors. You’ll see ingredients like honey, nuts and spices used in a variety of ways, invoking familiar tastes that are bold and traditional but done in our own unique way.


Our mission in the next few years is to continue to learn and grow - we are just starting out! We intend to be at your local Farmers’ Market and specialty stores to debut our delicious food products. We hope to source as many ingredients locally as we possibly can while still maintaining our traditional flavor profile. Little Balkan was created for adventurous eaters who love to explore so we will keep experimenting and innovating with you in mind. Thank you for your support and hope to see you at the market.

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