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Red and Green Little Balkan Logo with Flower Design

 - Welcome to our Balkan table - 

Our market menu is a mix of sweet + savory items

Find us at your local farmer's market:

Note: We are working on posting a market calendar and newslettter soon!

Be sure to check our instagram for schedule updates + weekly menus

West Windsor Community Farmer's Market - 1st & 3rd Saturdays of the month

Pennington Farmer's Market (Hopewell, NJ) - 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month

Princeton Farmer's Market - Alternating Thursdays

Rutgers Cook's Farmer's Market - Alternating Fridays

Bordentown Farmer's Market - Alternating Sundays

Along with our regular pantry items, we will also offer a rotating baked goods menu:

Mini Burek w/ Fruit Filling

Halva Cookies - Brown Butter Chocolate Chip

Caramel + Walnut Wafer Cookies

Vanilla Shortbread

Spiced Cornbread

Walnut Baklava

Syrup Cakes/Revanija

Fruit Cake "Breakfast Cake" - made with local fruits

~ Place an order online for pantry items for pick up at your local market ~

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